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Auto Repair in Clayton, OH

Clayton, OH

The city of Clayton sits across Miami and Montgomery Counties in southwestern Ohio, considered part of the Dayton metropolitan area. An estimated population of just over 13,000 people live in Clayton, spread across a land area of about 18.5 square miles.
The area was originally known as Salem when it was laid out in 1816. The new town was then named after John Clayton, a veteran of the War of 1812. Almost a century later in 1906, Clayton became a stop on the Dayton Northern Traction Line, allowing the town to expand. Finally in 1998, Clayton was officially named its own city, following the annexation of Randolph Township. Part of Ayn Rand’s famous 1943 novel, The Fountainhead, is set at Clayton.
Hi-T.E.C. Automotive is proud to serve the Clayton community with the best in auto repairs. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is committed to providing an excellent customer experience, combined with dependable results across a wide variety of makes. We invite you to visit our location in nearby Arcanum, your source for auto service on the leading edge of technology. Let us help you with the “hi-tech” problems of today’s complex automobiles!

Our Friendly Staff Strives to make Hi-T.E.C. Automotive the best Auto Repair Facility you'll ever encounter.