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Our Company Logo Explained

The automobile is forever evolving. Today the technology in the automobile can surpass time so fast that tools used five years ago are now obsolete. When I started Hi-TEC Automotive, I knew there would be a challenge to keep up with the forever evolving Technology of today’s automobile. That is where the name “TEC” came from in the Business name. I made a commitment to stay on the cutting edge of Automotive Technology the day I first become an automobile technician. My first major milestone was becoming an ASE Master Automobile Technician 1 year after my college education. To meet the criteria I also made a commitment that required a very large investment in the tools and equipment of the trade.

The new logo design is not something that was just easily made up or taken lightly but instead it was thought about for years. I wanted something that showed at a glance, what our companies intentions, our commitment, the experience and training that is required to effectively diagnose and repair today’s complex automobiles giving our customers confidence and peace of mind trusting us with there investment.

In the new logo design, the background shows a vehicle alike traveling at warp speed continually evolving with new technology. The word Hi-TEC being the companies vehicle shows that we are also moving so fast trying to keep up that sometimes it seems we are leaving a trail of smoke behind. The A in automotive shows the heartbeat that maintains our commitment in tools, equipment and training. This is the purpose we have intended for the since we were established in 1994 and we want to set before us a legacy so that when our customers, our suppliers and our staff all remember our excellence and they will also remember what our company stood for by the history of our dedication and determination.

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Why Hi-TEC Automotive?

The mission of Hi-T.E.C. Automotive, Ltd. is to be the premier provider of Hi-Tech Auto Service for the motoring public and businesses. First and foremost we’ll align our business ethics with God’s Principles according to His word. We will be dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients through quality vehicle service, repair and maintenance using quality parts. To instill confidence into our clients we will back it up with exceptional warranties and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We will be recognized as a leading auto service company in the Greater West Central Ohio area. Our goal is to educate our clients how to prevent costly vehicle breakdown and to make their vehicle investment last through efficient and cost effective preventative maintenance using the latest in Hi-Tech Auto Service equipment technology.